DAVID'S Delicatessen

DAVID’S, is a celebrated Restaurant / Deli / Bakery right off our lobby.

Unique, even among San Francisco’s restaurants celebrated for their uniqueness. DAVID’S preserves an exultant, bravura cuisine. Enormous ‘perfect’ hot-deli sandwiches. Blintzes. Platters of corned beef and pastrami and chopped liver and salami. Bracing soups with matzo-ball, mushroom and barley, split-pea and franks. Borscht and sour cream. Sweet and sour cabbage borscht. Shav with memories.

We invite you to look at our extensive breakfast or dinner menu and select anything what pleases you (pastries, too) all day from opening till closing at a RESPECTABLE DISCOUNT OF 20% for all hotel guests.

You may also want to try our other restaurant located just a short walk from the hotel for a more inviting, friendly, relaxed, comfortable and jazzy atmosphere - Les Joulins Jazz Bistro , featuring live jazz nightly. The restaurant features French country and Mediterranean cuisine.